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NetMotion: Security & Connectivity You Need to Accelerate the FirstNet Network

Our solution suite—NetMotion Mobility®, Diagnostics® and Mobile IQ®—secures, prioritizes, and tracks your mobile traffic to deliver an uninterrupted user experience across FirstNet and all other wireless networks. With NetMotion, you can give your First Responder team priority access to their applications and resources so that they remain alert and connected, and don't experience outages or delays during periods of high bandwidth use.

The improvements in mobile performance afforded by NetMotion will directly impact the people who matter most.


The community

Providing first responders with a reliable, high-performance network helps them share information in real time to keep your jurisdiction safer.

First responders

Police officers, firefighters, EMS personnel, and utilities professionals rely on the network for up-to-the-minute information and communication that keep them safe in the field.

Our Solutions

NetMotion Mobility

Secure & Prioritize Applications On FirstNet and All Other Networks

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NetMotion Diagnostics

Remotely Troubleshoot and Resolve Mobile Issues Fast

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NetMotion Mobile IQ

Turn Data Into Visualized Insights

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NetMotion’s field engineering team has supported public safety agencies with the implementation of their mobile strategies for nearly two decades.

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