NetMotion Diagnostics:

Remote troubleshooting and root cause analysis

About NetMotion Diagnostics

NetMotion Diagnostics® is a troubleshooting solution that collects location, connectivity, usage, performance and events data on Wi-Fi and cellular networks. It provides IT administrators with root cause detection for devices, networks and applications.

NetMotion Diagnostics helps you:


Troubleshoot and solve mobile device issues as they happen. Get greater understanding of your mobile infrastructure and reduce downtime for your workers.


Deploy and monitor new infrastructure efficiently, and enable end-to-end analysis of all elements in your mobile deployment.

What NetMotion Diagnostics can show you

NetMotion Diagnostics tests your infrastructure to pinpoint the source of performance issues in all the places they can occur:

  • The local application

  • The device

  • The wireless network

  • The firewall

  • Specific application servers

It helps you:

  • Proactively manage, troubleshoot and optimize mobile user experiences

  • Map coverage based on devices across multiple networks

  • Diagnose problems when they occur

  • Identify root causes of problems on devices and networks

  • See issues when your users are working on networks you do not own, control or manage

NetMotion Diagnostics provides automated end-to-end network monitoring and testing to track and report on more than 40 key performance parameters, including:

  • Network and device configuration

  • Modem and router status

  • Signal quality

  • Server status

  • Coverage maps

  • And more

Did you know?

NetMotion Diagnostics version 3.2 supports trunk-mount modems involved in early FirstNet trials—the Harris Corp MBC-200 LTE mobile router and the Motorola VML 750 vehicle modem.

Gain the persuasive power of visualization

Your role in FirstNet goes beyond making the decision—you’ve got to sell it to stakeholders, including ones who aren’t technically oriented.

To help you do that, NetMotion Diagnostics includes tools that allow you to easily build graphic visualizations of network usage trends and performance, which can be powerful content as you share your proposed plan. Integration with popular tools such as Splunk gives you even more options to analyze and visualize data.


NetMotion Diagnostics Data Sheet

NetMotion Diagnostics: Tech Specs

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