NetMotion Mobility:

Purpose-built, mobile VPN and QoS Solution designed to optimize and secure application traffic

About NetMotion Mobility

NetMotion's core functionality meets the needs of first responder organizations regardless of size:

  • Roaming: Applications are insulated from network instabilities, enabling responders to roam seamlessly between Wi-Fi and carrier networks automatically. This delivers a resilient, "always-on" connectivity experience.

  • Application prioritization: IT administrators can create rules regarding access to applications. This ensures CAD and other mission-critical applications are prioritized over other data traffic.

  • Intelligence: Automated end-to-end testing and monitoring lets IT report on key performance parameters, including network and device configuration, modem and router status, signal quality, server status and location.

  • Visibility: Detailed visualization, analysis, reports, dashboards and alerting on networks, users, devices and applications. Custom alerts, queries and dashboards can also tackle individualized operational needs.

  • Security: Standards-based security with support for two-factor authentication, device authentication, FIPS 140-2 AES encryption, NSA Suite B encryption and the ability to quarantine a remote device.

Seamless Roaming and QoS

First responders need continuous, secure connections and seamless roaming between FirstNet, Wi-Fi and other cellular networks. NetMotion Mobility® will automate network transitions on your device to minimize service disruptions and ensure the best available connectivity. Especially if your team assists with larger federal or out-of-state projects, NetMotion will keep your agents connected as they go.

First responders also need quick and reliable access to their mobile applications during emergencies and episodes of high spectrum use. With NetMotion, your first responders will benefit from QoS on the network and QoS on the device so that your most critical CJIS applications are prioritized.

Device Security

Security is a critical concern in the FirstNet ecosystem. NetMotion’s standards-based secure technology supports two-factor authentication, FIPS 140-2 AES encryption and NSA Suite B encryption to keep first responders safe from a cyberattack.

Mobility's adaptive security policies and Network Access Control (NAC) capabilities also give your support team more visibility and control. Limit application access, initiate software downloads or quarantine devices to stop viruses and malware from infecting the network.


NetMotion Mobility Data Sheet

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